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The following list includes all volunteers cleared to work with Harlem Little Leaguers. The list is continuously updated as new volunteers are cleared. This list is current as of 5/10/2017. If you would like to volunteer as a coach, team parent, league official or in any other capacity, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information on the background check process and what roles we need to fill.

Cleared Volunteers

Name Volunteering for
Alayeto, Carmela
Alayeto, Lazaro Coach
 Aguirre Jr., Roberto  Manager
 Aguirre Sr., RobertoCoach
Auciello, Dominick Coach
Badillo, Luis A Manager, League Official
Bailey, Ryan Coach
Baltimore, Bryan Coach, Scorekeeper
Best, Nina Concessions
Biddy, Andy Manager
Boller, Danton Coach
Boswell, Neal Coach
Boyce, Dominick Coach
Boyce, Satrina League Official
Bragg, Alvin Coach
Braswell, Jayson Manager
Brewster, Emmanuel Coach, Umpire
Brimmage, Samisha Manager
Brooks, Elijah Manager
Brown Jiles, Dominque Coach
Brown, Aqil Coach
Brown, Avis Coach
Brown, Kim Scorekeeper
Bruce, Samuel Manager
Butts, IV, Calvin O Coach
Caesar, Guillermo Coach
Caldwell, Wilson Coach
Camba, Johanna Social Media
Camba, Michael Social Media
Carrara, Dobrina
Casteline, Robert Scorekeeper
Catalano, Vincent Coach/Field Maintenance
Cespedes, Wendy Field maintenance
Charnas, Daniel Coach
Chery, Edward Coach
Chou, Andrew Coach
Colman, Ellis
Cuadrado, Juan Coach
Davis, Jared Coach
Dayle, Davin Coach
deCastro, Malcolm Coach
deCastro, Sheila Manager, League Official
Diver, Eugene Coach/Scorekeeper
Dorsey, Jonathan C Coach
Edwards, DerromeCoach 
Fair, Anthony Coach
Fallon, James (Bill) Coach
Faughnan, Stephen Coach
Fields, Stephanie Other
Flores, Carlos Coach
Frazier, Gibson Coach
Freidrich, Clare Team parent
Freidrich, Daniel Coach
Fuentes, Nancy Team Parent
Garcia, Jorge Coach
Gibbons, William Coach
Gibson, Gary Coach
Gibson, Stephanie Manager
Giddens, Paris Coach
Gil, Cindy
Gioia, William Coach
Goldrich, Brian Coach
Gonzalez, Daniel Coach
Guzman, Kevin Coach
Guzman, Melissa Coach
Haber, Danya Coach
Hansen, Malcolm Coach
Harrison, Carl Coach
Harrison, Octavia
High, Fernell Manager
Hollar, Darryl Coach
Honore, Milery Coach
Hudgins, James League Official
Hunter, Todd Coach
Iglesias, Rosemarie Team Safety Parent
James, Kendall Coach
Jeffers, Kenneth Manager
Jiles, Kenneth Manager
Jo, Andrew Coach
Johns, Matthew Manager
Johnson, Alexis Other
Johnson, Timothy Coach
Kahn, Jonathan Coach
Kapfer, Larry Manager
Kidd, Chad Coach
Lamberty, Jennifer Team Parent
Leff, Ben Coach
Levine, Josh Coach
Lim, Youn Coach
 Lincoln, EricCoach
Mack, Tytianna Umpire, Scorekeeper, Concessions
Marius, Gregory Manager
McLaughlin, Herb Manager
McWilliams, Morris League Official
Mercier, Jody League Official
Mickens, Eugenia Special Events
Middleton, Matthew Coach
Monteiro, Damian Coach
Montilla, Hector Coach
Moreno, Caron Scorekeeper, other
Moreno, Julian Coach
Morgan, Vincent Coach
Napoleoni, Christopher Manager
Nembhard, Jason Coach
Nemhard, Mardory Scorekeeper, concessions
Nicholas, Malik Coach
Oliver, Courtney Special events
Ortiz, Jeffrey Coach
Pastrana, David Coach
Raymond, Andy Coach
Raymond, Andy Coach
Ribeiro, Carlos Coach
Robinson, Christopher Coach
Roca, Robert Coach
Rodriguez, Inocencia Other
Rogers, Nathan Coach
Rosa, Luis Coach
Rosaldo, Samuel Coach
Ross, Alexandria Coach
Ross, Derrick Coach
Saunders, Jumaane Manager
Scalici, Dominique Scorekeeper, Concessions
Schaffer, Tyronne Coach
Schorah, Aaron Coach
Schorah, Stacey Dugout Mom
Scott, Bryan Manager
Scott, Gwendolyn League Official
Shah, Aanal Manager
Shah, Kim Martin League Official
Simmons, James Coach
Sims, Fred, Jr League Official
Smith, John W. Coach
Stewart, Nolan Coach
Taveras, Omar Manager, League Official
Taylor, Jerome Coach
Tong, Kharmalina
Torrejon, Jose Coach
Valenzuela, Carlina Coach
Wagner, Jared Coach
Walker, Anita C Field Safety
Washington, Stephanie League Official
White, Christopher Coach
Wilkerson, Bryan Manager
Williams, Shaunte Coach
Wong, Virginia Coach
Wrench, Gregory Manager
Yanos, Athan Coach's assistant
Yarn, JasonCoach
Yeiser, Jerome Manager/Coach
Young, WhittakerCoach
Zicko, Heather Scorekeeper, other


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