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Jun, 2018

All-Star Rosters Are Set

In accordance with Harlem Little League tradition, Father's Day is also All-Star Sunday. Children in the Rookie, AAA and Majors Divisions have voted for their teammates selection to the All-Star Games. 

Details for each game are as follows:

Rookie Division All-Star Game
Sunday, June 17
Rucker Park

The Rookie Division all stars are as follows:
East Team West Team
Manager: Elijah Brooks Manager: Barry Heyden
Luis Flores, Intent Yuri Tabei, Monarchs
Dominik Hudek, Intent Caedmon Heyden, Monarchs
Adam Faughnan, Intent Marcus Pratt II, Monarchs
Milery Honore, Intent Jimkyle Rincon, Monarchs
Maxwell Lincoln, Intent James Simmons, Reds
Jonathan Dorsey, Lenox Grays Hal Yarn, Reds
Zack Biddy, Lenox Grays Thomas Montilla, Reds
Milo Haber, Lenox Grays Kenneth Beltre, Reds
Alex White, Lenox Grays Cy Boller, Reds
Kobe Rivera, Lenox Grays Dash Frazier, Kumon Kings
Mark Bragg, Harlem Aces Michael Vasquez, Kumon Kings
Chanz Chancey, Harlem Aces Jenna Schuster, Kumon Kings
Charles Doyle, Harlem Aces Nico Ray, Kumon Kings
Jesiah Taylor, Harlem Aces Bryce Kimbrough, Kumon Kings

AAA Division All-Star Game
Sunday, June 17
Shea Field in Marcus Garvey Park

The AAA all stars are as follows:
West Team East Team
Manager: Larry Kapfer Manager: Luis Badillo
Jonah Montilla, Lenox Barons Liam Badillo, Diamonds
Eli Lindenbaum, Lenox Barons James Catalano, Diamonds
Liam Fallon, Lenox Barons Naizaiah Rosa, Diamonds
Brian Kapfer, Lenox Barons Roman Camba, Diamonds
Logan Rogers, Lenox Barons Gianni Rockette-Turney, Diamonds
Jayden Wilkerson, Omega Trailblazers Vaughn Escoffery, AALPsNY
Aleem Shah, Omega Trailblazers Angel Gutierrez, AALPsNY
Matthew Jiles, Omega Trailblazers Manny Rodriquez-Ortiz, AALPsNY
Michael Bray, Omega Trailblazers Josiah Scott, AALPsNY
Santino Carrion, Omega Trailblazers Trey Young, AALPsNY
Dakota Ross, Harlem Express Sam Biddy, Harlem Thunder
Cooper Chou, Harlem Express Rahsa Joseph, Harlem Thunder
Ramsey Hansen, Harlem Express Freddie Edmiston-Brooks, Harlem Thunder
Maxwell Chou, Harlem Express Diego Tavarez, Harlem Thunder
Jaden DeHere, Harlem Express Nicholas Torrejon, Harlem Thunder

Majors Division All-Star Game
Sunday, June 17
Shea Field in Marcus Garvey Park

The Majors all stars are as follows:
West Team East Team
Manager: Fernell High Manager: Aanal Shah
Mason Mercier, CPN Braces Matthew Dayle, 125th Street Orthodontics
Eden Rogue, CPN Braces Domenico Gioa, 125th Street Orthodontics
Robert Casteline, CPN Braces Ameer Shah, 125th Street Orthodontics
Justice Aponte, CPN Braces Charlie Wilhelm, 125th Street Orthodontics
Sean Baptiste, CPN Braces Alvin Gomez, 125th Street Orthodontics
Fitz Smith, CPN Braces Lukas Koch-Serrano, 125th Street Orthodontics
Neil Johnson, CPN Braces Vikrant Vohra, 125th Street Orthodontics
Robert Schuster, AKA Spirit Calvin Butts, Traders
Shawn Dozier, AKA Spirit Julian Boyce, Traders
Miles Sims, AKA Spirit Frankie Beltre, Traders
James Fuentes, AKA Spirit Daniel Turner, Traders
Joshua Arthur, AKA Spirit Matthew Kapfer, Traders
Ariel Martinez, AKA Spirit Kannon Hunter, Traders
John Smith, AKA Spirit Hamlet Espinal, Traders

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