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New Age Determination Fact Sheet

Posted on: January 27th, 2015 by Jody Mercier

What are the New Age Determination Dates?

Little League Baseball & Softball International (LLB) changed the age determination dates effective 2016.

As a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Inc. we are required to follow the regulation. Therefore, in 2016:

  • Children born on or before August 31, 2005 will utilize an age determination date of April 30, 2016.
  • Children born on or after September 1, 2005 will utilize an age determination date of August 31, 2016.

Why are there two age cut off dates?

LLB kept the old cut off date of April 30 for children born in prior to August 31, 2005 so they would not lose their opportunity for tournament play.

By 2018, all age groups will have the cut off date of August 31.

Are there any New Divisions in Harlem Little League this year?

Although the age determination date has changed, we are still able to organize our divisions as we see fit.  Therefore we will make best efforts to make sure children are playing at their appropriate level.

How Do I Register For My Child For Division I Think He Or She Should Play?

The only way you can only register your child is based your child’s birth year category. Again, with the new age changes, we will make best efforts to make sure children are playing at their appropriate level.

Is There More Information Available About The New Age Determination Date?

Yes. Little League Baseball and Softball International has prepared a statement about this transition.

Click Here to Read: New Age Determination Date Statement

I’m not happy about this change, who can I contact?

 You can contact Harlem Little League at and we will share your comments with LLB or you can directly  contact LLB at

Program and Goals

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Who Is Harlem Little League And What Programs Are Offered?

Started in 1989, Harlem Little League offers baseball and softball to boys and girls as well as to children with disabilities.  Harlem Little League offers Fall Ball and Summer Ball, if volunteer staff is available.  We are an officially chartered little league of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, a worldwide non-profit organization.  As a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, we are obligated to follow Little League Baseball, Incorporated rules and regulations.

What Are Harlem Little League’s Goals?

Harlem Little League’s  goal is to develop big league citizens not big league ball players.  We emphasize children having fun while playing competitive baseball. Parents are urged to cheer for ALL players, not just their child. Harlem LL wants ALL of our children to be winners and to enjoy their Little League experience! So forget the “big win” and concentrate on having fun!

Parent Roles & Volunteer Requirements

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Why Should Parents Volunteer In Harlem Little League?

Harlem Little League is an excellent example of the principle of “Ujima” (Collective Work and Responsibility). Harlem Little League is an all volunteer organization. Without the help of parents and volunteers, there is no Harlem Little League.

What Am I Expected To Do As A Parent?

In the spirit of Ujima, all parents are expected to:

  1. Sign up for a task on the volunteer form. (See Volunteer Roles and Descriptions)
  2. Prepare the fields when their child’s team is assigned.
  3. Make sure your child attend practices and games on time.
  4. Make sure your child has arrangements for getting home safely after practices and games.
  5. Come to games whenever possible and volunteering to help the manager and team parent.
  6. Set an example by demonstrating good spectator sportsmanship at games by:
    1. cheering for your child’s team, and encouraging all players;
    2. not criticizing or “razzing” the opposing team — this is forbidden;
    3. not criticizing an umpire’s call; this is unproductive and sets a bad example for the players. If you are knowledgeable enough about baseball to criticize the umpire, please sign up to be an umpire.
  7. Stay informed of activities and schedule changes by reading the Weekly Updates or subscribing to Harlem Little League’s website.

What can I volunteer for in Harlem Little League?

You can volunteer as a manager, coach, team parent, umpire, field maintenance. You can assist with Opening Day, Closing Day or Picture Day. If you are knowledgeable in Excel or Access, you can help with registration. If you sew, you can help with banners. If you have medical expertise, you help us update our Safety Plans. If you’re familiar with websites and website management, we can use you. Let us know on the Volunteer Form how you think your special skills or talents can help the League. Remember, no volunteer contribution is too small. Please review the complete list of  Volunteer Support Roles.  Volunteer applications can be returned to

Are There Any Volunteer Requirements?

Yes, all volunteers must undergo background checks.

Why Are Background Checks Necessary?

All little league programs nationwide are required to annually conduct background checks on Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams.

The purpose of these background checks is to protect our children by providing as safe an environment as possible. Therefore, failure to complete and submit the volunteer application form by those required to do so will result in that person being barred from participation in Harlem Little League.

All volunteers, please download the 2015 Volunteer Application, Roles and Descriptions.

All information received by the league will be treated as confidential. Should you have questions regarding this requirement, please email or call the league office at 212-222-1541.



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When Can I Register My Child?

Registration is held during the months of January and February.   Everyone who registers on time is guaranteed a space on a team!  To be notified of the start of registration, please join our email list at  Once registration closes, a wait list begins.

What Is The Wait List?

The wait list is a list of children who have not registered on time and wish to play on a team.  Your child may be on the wait list because registration has closed and we are reviewing what spaces are available, if any, in each division.  The wait list is first come, first served.  When you are on the wait list there is no guaranty that child will be able to register and play.  We will notify you by email if a space is available.  Since very few spaces open up during the season, you may want to find an alternate youth baseball program for your child if wait listed.

How Can I Register My Child?

You can register your child online. Click REGISTRATION to get more information.

How Much Is The Registration Fee?

The registration fee is $100.

How Can I Pay For My Registration Fee?

You can register online with a major credit card or a debit card with logo. If you have trouble registering online, please call at 1-877-228-4881 (Pacific Standard Time) or email the support team at

What Does The Registration Cover?

The registration fee covers the cost of your child’s uniform and playing equipment except gloves and athletic cups.

Player’s Age, Residency and School Attendance Requirements

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How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Play In The League?

For Baseball, your child’s must be between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. The age determination date has changed for 2016. All players born prior to August 31, 2005 will continue to use April 30 as their age determination date; players born on September 1, 2005 and later will use August 31 as their age determination date. For more information on these changes, we have created a fact sheet to explain.

In 2015, Harlem Little League fielded the following divisions: Tee Ball Division (ages 5-6); Rookie Division (7-8); Triple A Division (9-10) Major Division (10-12). We did not have a Junior/Senior division in 2015 nor do we plan to in 2016.

For Softball, your child’s “league age” is determined by how old she is on December 31, 2013. For example, if your child is born in May of 2000, your child’s league age is 13. Minor/Major Division players’ ages are 8-12; Junior/Senior Division are ages 13-16.

Does My Child Have To Live or Attend School In A Certain Area To Play In Harlem Little League?

Harlem Little League’s boundaries are approved by Little League Baseball, Inc. Players who live or attend school within the area of 110th to 120th Streets from Frederick Douglass Boulevard to Fifth Avenue or 120th to 160th Streets, River to River.

For first-time players interested in joining Harlem Little League, please check to see if we are your local Little League. To find your neighborhood chartered Little League, please Click Here.

A player will be considered to reside within the boundaries if:

  1. His/her parents are living together are residing within the boundaries, OR;
  2. Either of the player’s parents (or his/her court appointed legal guardian) resides within the boundaries.

What If We Lived in the Boundaries Last Year But moved?

If you are a returning player and lived within Harlem Little League boundaries last year, please let us know that you moved so that we can submit the appropriate waiver for you. The waiver will treat you as if you have not moved outside Harlem Little League’s boundaries. With the waiver, you are still eligible to play in the Little League World Series Tournament.

What Is Required For Proof Of Age And Residence or School Attendance To Join Harlem Little League?

Every player must provide Proof of Age and Proof of Residency or School Attendance at registration or prior to team assignments.

Acceptable Proofs of Birth Dates are original birth certificates issued by federal, state or provincial registrars within one year of your child’s birth date, passports, visas or a “Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Proof of Birth’ issued by a District Administrator of Little League Baseball, Inc. Not Acceptable as sole proof of birth are: Baptismal Certificate; Certificate of Blessing; Certificate of Dedication; Certificate of Circumcision, etc.; Hospital Certificate; photocopied records.

Acceptable Proofs of Residence are 1) driver’s license, 2) voter’s registration, 3) school records, 4) welfare/child care records, 5) federal records, 6) state records, 7) local or city records, 8) support payment records, 9) homeowner or tenant records, 10) Utility bills ( for example, gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) 11) Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc) records, 12) insurance documents, 13) medical records, 14) military records, 15) internet, cable or satellite records, 16) vehicle records. Three (3) proofs of residence are required from each of the aforementioned categories in order to determine residency of parent / guardian.

Acceptable Proofs of School Attendance are official school documents, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school within the boundaries for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2014.

Financial Aid

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Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes, financial aid is available. No child will be turned away because of an inability to pay.  You should not let a lack of funds stop you from registering your child on time.

The League will waive all or part of the registration fee if you need financial assistance.

We encourage families to pay at least a portion of the fee for each child since our fees are kept deliberately low (lower than that of other leagues) in an attempt to make it possible for everyone to play. The actual cost to run this program is about $175 per player. If you need financial assistance, please let us know what amount, if any, you can contribute by clicking on this link Financial Aid or Scholarship Form. All information will be kept confidential.

Tryouts & Team Assignments

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Does My Child Have To Try Out For A Team?

No one has to try out for a team. Everyone who registers will be assigned to a team and will play in every game.

To help us balance team strengths, all NEW players (8 years of age and older by April 30th) must undergo a Skills Assessment exercise. Skills Assessments are a series of hitting, throwing and catching exercises.

Skills Assessments will be conducted at the Jackie Robinson Recreation Center, 147th Street and Bradhurst Avenue, 2nd floor. Dates and times will be posted on the website when available.

There will be no evaluations of new players 7 years of age and younger or of 2011 returning players.

If There Are No Tryouts, How Will My Child Be Placed On A Team?

In all Divisions, the team selection process is designed to achieve maximum balance in baseball skills and ages. Tee Ball Division assignments are by Committee. AAA, Big League, Junior, Major, Minor, Senior and Softball assignments are made by division drafts based on your child’s skills assessments.

How Do I Find Out What Team My Child Is On?

Your team manager will call you to introduce him/herself. If you do not hear from your manager by date listed on the calendar, please call League headquarters at 212-222-1541 or email to obtain your child’s team, manager’s name and manager’s telephone number.

Can My Child Switch Teams?

Subject to the approval of the player agent, you may be able to switch your child to another team.  Because of the number of teams in a division and  managers’ preferences, we are unable to accommodate requests based on practice schedule conflicts.  Please be mindful that only the player agent can add or remove players from a team.

Will I Receive My Child’s Team Roster?

Yes! Team rosters have your players’ contact information. We suggest that you use your team roster to reach out to other parents and/or your team parent for information.

Divisions & Playing Fields

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In What Division Will My Child Play And At What Field?

Children enjoy competition when they play against children of similar ages and abilities. We set up our divisions by age groups. In 2015, our divisions were as follows; decisions for 2016 have not yet been made:

Division Ages Playing Field
T-Ball 5 – 7 Jackie Robinson Park
150th St. & Bradhurst Avenue
Rookie 7 – 8 Jackie Robinson Park
150th St. & Bradhurst Avenue
Minors 8 -11 Holcomb-Rucker Park
155th St. & Frederick Douglass Blvd.
Major 11 – 12 William Shea-HLL Friendship Field
120th St. & Fifth Avenue

Uniforms and Needed Purchases

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When Does My Child Get A Uniform?

Uniforms are distributed before Opening Day, the first Saturday in April. Your manager will inform you of the distribution date, time and pick up location. You must make every effort to pick up uniforms as indicated or if absolutely necessary, call your manager to make alternate arrangements.

Harlem Little League provides uniforms, however, once worn; they become the property and responsibility of the player. Uniforms consist of a shirt, pants, socks, cap, and a Little League patch. Replacement of any part of the uniform is at the expense of the player’s family.

What If My Child’s Uniform Is Too Big/Small Or Missing A Part?

Any concern about your child’s uniform, please tell your manager. If your child is unable to wear his uniform shirt and/or pants, please do not wear them. Take the article of clothing to your manager to have it replaced. If that uniform part is in Harlem Little League’s warehouse, you will receive a replacement by your next game. If not, we will have to order the appropriate size.

While your child is without his uniform, please have him or her wear a tee shirt and sweatpants that matches the color of his team.

What Do I Need To Buy For My Child To Play?

All players need their own gloves. Please make sure that you put your child’s name on his or her glove in case it is misplaced or lost at games. All male players must have an athletic cup. Athletic cups MUST BE WORN for all practices and games. If an umpire or a League official observes a player participating without a cup, the manager will be instructed to take the player out of the game. Cleats can be worn, but they are NOT REQUIRED. If cleats are desired, please make sure the cleats have only rubber soles.

The Season

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When Is “The Season”?

The playing season begins in April and ends in June. Practices begin in mid March depending on weather. Please check the calendar for dates of other Harlem Little League events.

Code of Conduct

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Are There Codes Of Conduct For Players And Volunteers?

Yes, players and volunteers are expected in a manner that reflects the integrity and spirit of the league. No abusive language or profanity is allowed. Likewise, illegal drugs and/or alcohol are not allowed on the playing field or in the parks. There is no abusive physical contact with a player or volunteer. Any player or volunteer violating the code of conduct can risk suspension and/or dismissal from Harlem Little League by the Board of Directors.


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When Are Practices Held And How Often?

Team practices are scheduled by managers and/or coaches and are usually in the late afternoon. At least one practice per week is required, but managers are encouraged to schedule more. Please make sure that you or someone designated by you brings your child to practices and remains with him/her. If you cannot stay for the entire practice, make sure you return on time to pick the player up. It is an inconvenience for volunteers to have to remain at the fields waiting for parents. Players 9 years of age and older are encouraged to develop the habit of letting their managers know if they cannot make certain practices.

Regular, All-Star Games, & Tournaments

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Who Should I Call About Practices Or Games?

Call your manager or coach if you have questions about practices and/or games. Your manager’s name and telephone number is on the team roster.

When Are Games Played?

Most games are played on Saturdays. Game times vary from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., depending on the Division. Please note that players may play twice a week and some Divisions play Sunday afternoons.

Will I Receive a Game Schedule?

Yes. Each player receives a season schedule before the season starts. Any schedule changes will be announced by the League and communicated to you by your manager. Game changes will also be reported in the WEEKLY UPDATE and the website. Call your manager or check the website Team Managers Do Not Cancel Games.

Can My Child Play In The All Stars Games?

Any registered player who receives the most votes by his or her teammates to play in the All Stars can play.

Can My Child Play In The Little League World Series Tournament?

Eligibility to play in the Little League World Series is determined by Little League Baseball, Incorporated’s age and residency requirements. All players must live within Harlem Little League’s boundaries and must be the correct league age for the division the team has entered. There are no exceptions to these rules. Any player who violates these eligibility requirements will forfeit the tournament team’s wins, can be barred from playing in Harlem Little League and can jeopardize the League’s charter.

Players who are selected to play in the Tournament must be committed to compete in all Tournament games starting the end of June until August or until the team is eliminated from its bracket, whichever comes first.

Individual Playing Time

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Will My Child Get A Chance To Play In Each Game?

Yes. Every player who shows up on time and attends weekly practices must play at least two consecutive innings in the field and bat at least once. If for some reason, your child does not get to play, s/he starts in the next game.

Please remember, regular attendance at practices as well as games is important. It helps the players to learn to play as a team. Frequent absences from practices are not in the best interest of the player nor the team.


Absences & Lateness

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What Happens If My Child Misses A Game?

Players who intend to be absent must call their manager or coach. Parents, if you know in advance that your child will miss three or more games during the season, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER HIM/HER. Absences affect not only your team, but opposing teams also. Official games can only be played if at least nine players are present from each team. Players missing two games will be warned about possible removal from the team. If a player misses three or more games or practices, he/she may be removed from the team at the manager’s request, with approval from the League.

What Happens If My Child Is Late To A Game?

He or she may not get to play. Coaches are not obliged to play any child who arrives 15 minutes after a game has started or after the time designated for pre-game practice or warm-up. So, be sure your child is on time.

Insurance and Safety Issues

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Does Harlem Little League Have Insurance?

Absolutely! Harlem Little League carries accident and general liability insurance for its players and volunteers. Please read What Harlem Little League Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance.

What Happens If My Child Gets Hurt During A Game?

If your child gets injured while at practice or at a game, his/her coach or manager will apply basic first aid. If the manager or coach believes the injury is serious, he or she will call EMS and make an attempt to contact the parent and/or emergency contact listed on your child’s application.

If your child gets injured on his way to, from or during a game or practice, a notice of claim will be sent to the appropriate insurance organization. All Accidents must be reported via email to the safety officer within 24 hours.

If you have medical insurance, Harlem Little League’s accident insurance will be secondary. If you do not have medical insurance, our insurance will be your primary insurance.

Accident reports and any safety questions can be emailed to

Game Cancellations

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Can My Manager/Coach Cancel A Game?

Absolutely not! Only League Officials can cancel games and/or make changes to schedules. Managers and/or coaches can, of course, cancel their team practices.

What Happens When It Rains?

League Officials decide if fields are playable on the day of games, not before. If games are cancelled due to bad weather, league officials will notify each team manager. Team managers, coaches or team parents will call players. Team Managers Do Not Cancel Games.  Call your manager or check the website, for game information and other questions.


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Are Parents Informed Of League Events On A Regular Basis?

Yes. Harlem Little League prints a Weekly Update to keep its families informed. Make sure you get the UPDATE every week! The Weekly Update is also published on our website. If you subscribe to the website you will receive emails informing you of League Events, rainouts, etc. Our website is

Sponsors and Contributors

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What Roles Do Sponsors And Contributors Play?

League Sponsors, Team Sponsors and Contributors provide the bulk of our financial support. They step forward to make the League possible for our children. Their contributions help keep registration fees low. You are encouraged to patronize their businesses and thank them for their support.

Who Are Harlem Little League’s Current Sponsors?

Click this link to see our list of sponsors.

How Do I Become A Sponsor or Make a Contribution?

It’s easy. Team Sponsors are $1200 and League Sponsors are $5000 – $25,000. To learn more about sponsoring, please email us at

Contributions can be mailed to Jim Hudgins, Treasurer, Harlem Little League, c/o 94 Grand Avenue, Englewood, NJ, 07631. Please make checks or money orders payable to Harlem Little League. All donations are tax deductible.

Refund Policy

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What Is Harlem Little League’s Refund Policy?

Your registration fee is refunded less any applicable processing fees. Refunds are given only if your child does not play and he or she has not received a uniform. It takes approximately 10 business days to process a refund.

Teen Umpires

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How Do I Become a Teen Umpire?

To become a teen umpire, you must be 14 – 18 years old; committed to attending the mandatory training clinics and umpiring games throughout the season. No experience is necessary. Teen Umpires receive a stipend for each game that s/he umpires. If you are interested, please contact

Board of Directors

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What are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors?

The board of directors of Harlem Little League is legally and financially responsible for the conduct of the organization. Directors are entrusted with the overall management of the League – short and long term. Because Harlem Little League is a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Inc., the board is responsible for carrying out the rules, regulations and policies of Little League Baseball, Inc..

Who are the Directors?

The volunteers elected to run Harlem Little League are:

  • Gwendolyn Scott, President
  • Brynne Clarke, VP, Special Events
  • Nadine Holmes, Softball
  • James Hudgins, Treasurer and Sponsor Chair
  • Crystal Isom
  • Morris McWilliams, VP, Baseball
  • Danielle Officer, Secretary
  • Michael Peterson, Assistant Information Officer
  • Dwight Raiford, Umpire-In-Chief
  • Iris Raiford, Information Officer and Player Agent
  • La Dawn Rasheed
  • Trevor Reid, Counsel
  • Jeanette Spencer, Past President
  • Tony Spencer, Equipment Chair
  • Stephanie Washington
  • Troy White

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